The Details

San Francisco based singer/songwriter leads an eclectic group of musicians.

"I get a dozen ‘singer songwriter’ EP’s across my desk each week. Not only was this collection the best of this week, it’s the best I’ve had in a month or two. Out of the four tracks, ‘What a Swing’ and ‘Ugly Men’ are the impressive standouts, with the other two close in tow. Shaun David & the Lost is an outfit that exudes authenticity, and that translates into lovable songs worth listening to." - Brett David Stewart (

"The EP showcases a diverse and eclectic approach that falls somewhere between the vivid storytelling of artists such as Tom Waits and the fascinating melodies of artists such as Nick Drake. The sound is a charismatic blend of charming acoustic textures with electric counterpoints, glued together by a simple, yet innovative rhythm sections and vocals with a very special character." - (thebandcampdiaries)

"Certainly, not everything we hear will rock our boat, but when we find something that connects, it feels like a lottery win. So it is with “Super Baby”, a six-track EP of folk pop songs, which sound like long lost friends." - Simon M. (Leicester Bangs)

"Milella writes lyrics that are almost conversational; like improvised narratives that can lead anywhere." - Simon M. (Leicester Bangs)
“A happy guy playing serious songs” is how one might describe Shaun David.  The live shows are surprisingly upbeat for an acoustic songwriter, incorporating short stories and entertaining banter, while seemingly cruising through the set.  If by himself, it may be easy to say the genre is Alt Folk/Rock acoustic songwriter, but the addition of The Lost sends the group into a genre buffet, incorporating elements of Reggae, Funk, and Country.
In 2007, while living in San Jose, CA, Shaun released the EP Therapy with his former group One Good Round.  After a relocation to San Francisco, a live solo acoustic project, Bare as Bone Volume 1 was released in the spring of 2012. But it’s the newest group, The Lost that brings the most excitement, their first EP together, Super Baby was released in December 2012, his most accomplished release up to that date.

After the release of Super Baby, Shaun went back in and recorded the 2nd "Live in Studio" EP, Bare as Bone Volume 2 in 2013. And most recently in the spring of 2015, Shaun David and the Lost, "Songs by Mistake" a 4 song EP has been offered up. It is the newest of the bunch, combining both live and produced elements, bringing a more serious and direct tone. 

"Ugly Men" is the latest 4 song EP and the first to feature David on all the guitars.  Dean DeCastro and Dan Dectis each return to provide drums and keyboards respectively, with session bassist Marc Levine on bass.  "Ugly Men" provides a glimpse into the future, splitting the difference of the silliness of Super Baby and seriousness of Songs By Mistake.